Outstanding customer service

Truma Gerätetechnik takes home the renowned “LUPO” award

On the second day of Caravan Salon 2021, there was much delight on the faces of the team at the Truma Gerätetechnik GmbH & Co. KG booth. Without any kind of prior announcement, the German Caravanning Trade Association (DCHV) presented Truma with the “LUPO” supplier and partnership award for 2021 in the “Supplier” category in Hall 14 Booth B07. Matthias Euch, member of the DCHV Committee, and Kai Dhonau, DCHV president, presented the award “for providing exemplary support to Service Partners during the maintenance and service of products”.

As a professional association for specialist caravan dealers with around 320 member companies across Germany, the award gains a great deal of attention throughout the sector. According to the DCHV, the price was awarded for the following reasons: Specialist caravans dealers are facing great challenges due to the increased demand for workshops. On top of this, a shortage of specialists and workshop workstations, which cannot be simply extended at the drop off a hat, are standing in the way of capacity being increased in workshops of specialist caravan dealers. The continuous further training of service staff in order to further optimise workshop processes, as well as suppliers providing support make an important contribution towards taking the pressure off workshops.”

The following was also praised: “Thanks to the continually increasing self-service range, Truma provides online support to customers to help them solve minor issues and problems themselves, if necessary. In doing so, Truma is taking exemplary steps towards relieving the workload of the service team, who are involved in processing straightforward, frequent yet on the whole time-consuming requests. Truma Assist is another exemplary development, which Truma uses to provide online productive support to service staff in the workshops in the case of analysing faults, offering valuable tips for swiftly eliminating malfunctions. Equipped with service hotlines, a qualified Truma field service and the option of being able to submit warranty claims digitally in a simple manner, Truma is making significant contributions towards supporting specialist dealers.”

The Truma team has been overjoyed by this award, particularly as the comprehensive customer service is a cornerstone of the company strategy. Each and every day, around 1800 Truma Partners and around 500 Service Partners from Germany and beyond ensure that technical problems while travelling are eradicated as swiftly as possible, in a friendly and professional manner, knowing that they are playing a vital role in customers having confidence in the Truma brand.

“The award confirms that we are heading in the right direction by providing campers with such a sophisticated and comprehensive service infrastructure. This also forms part of the Open Innovation, which we will be drawing on in future. Along with our community, we want to make travelling safer, with increased comfort and digital channels. This goes hand in hand with offering excellent customer service. The basis for this is the deep level of trust our customers have in us”, says Michael Peikert, Head of European Retail Management at Truma.

Caption: Presenting the “LUPO” award at the Truma trade fair booth in Hall 14 Booth B07 on Sunday 29th August 2021 with a prize-winning line-up (from the left): Matthias Euch, Member of the DCHV Committee, Markus Heringer, Commercial Managing Director at Truma Gerätetechnik, Alexander Wottrich, CEO of the Truma Group, Michael Peikert, Head of European Retail Management at Truma Gerätetechnik, and Kai Dhonau, DCHV President.