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be smart.

New iNet X System solution: Moving into the new age of camping with high tech and co-creation

In the 72 years of the company’s history, Truma has always been at the forefront of innovations. Nevertheless, travelling by motor home came into its own exactly 60 years ago. When in 1961, the founder of the company, Philipp Kreis, launched the first caravan heater and pursued his vision: To make camping holidays an all year round option. 

2021 – 60 years on – Alexander Wottrich, the grandson of the company founder, is leading the next revolution with his vision of smart travel. Truma is reinventing camping again with high tech and co-creation. “Smartphones and networking have certainly changed people’s everyday lives. We are drawing on new technological options and pursuing the vision to make travelling more intelligent and convenient with increased safety and networking. In line with our motto: be smart, we want to kick off the new age of camping with the new Truma iNet X System, explains Wottrich prior to the start of Caravan Salon 2021, where the system solution will be making its début.  

The collaborative approach serves as a guideline for the new development of products and solutions: “We are delighted that we have been able to establish such a great community of satisfied and happy customers over our 72 years in business. So much so, we want to incorporate our customers even more in shaping and developing our future. We will be integrating their ideas and wishes into intelligent product solutions. As such, we are laying the foundations with iNet X”, explains Wottrich. 

be smart. What is iNet X?

From vehicle to smart vehicle: RVs, which are equipped with the new Truma iNet X System solution, are being transformed into smart motor homes or caravans. The new travel technology should enable users to control and network the appliances on board via a central control panel or app and make everyday life on your travels more comfortable and most importantly safer in the long term.

be smart. From vision to mission.

The role of customers has changed significantly in recent years. Each camper shares their innovative ideas via the widest range of platforms and is therefore making a considerable contribution towards the success of a new product.  

“We are excited about the creativity of the Truma Community and are looking forward to developing solutions together, which will increase the comfort, wellbeing and safety for everyone while camping. As such, we are laying the foundations for a new age of camping”, says Wottrich.

Further details will be published from 27th August 2021 on our website and will be presented to visitors to Caravan Salon 2021.

be smart. The open system architecture.

The innovative iNet X platform can be updated and is open to new devices. Software updates can be run by users themselves and the system can be extended in a modular way by a dealer. This ensures that the iNet X System is always up-to-date and campers are able to benefit from all further developments, services, as well as future premium packages – and they are always a step or even a kilometre ahead”, explains Chief Product Owner, Mario Lohe.

Here is a brief summary of the features of iNet X:

  • Smart networking: Appliances and services from various manufacturers can be conveniently controlled via a central operating system.
  • Forward-looking: Updates allow us to integrate future products and functions – always keeping users up-to-date with caravan solutions. 
  • Reliable: Regular further developments ensure a continuously high level of quality – fast help thanks to detailed error display and customer service with a personal touch is ensured by the new system.
  • Easy operation: Intuitive touchscreen panel and free App – from mid 2022 it can also be controlled when you’re out and about, you will have the technical equipment under control in a matter of clicks.
  • The community matters: Regular customer surveys and interviews form the basis of our further development. The needs and issues faced by campers are paramount here and steer us in the right direction for future developments.

Vehicle manufacturers have already announced their support. The following manufacturers are already on board: Knaus with its Weinsberg brand, Trigano with the Roller Team model Zefiro and the CI model Magis as well as a number of models from Carthago. They will be fitting their vehicles with the iNet X System solution this year.

Truma can hardly wait to present the new iNet X System solution to the camping community as well as dealerships and other vehicle manufacturers at Caravan Salon Düsseldorf (in Hall 14, Booth 14 B07) and have a chat with visitors and encourage them to get on board with the collaboration.