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Truma technology

Intelligent, autonomous and top-performing throughout the decades Truma heating power, for independent travellers

Truma Heating

Holiday any time, anywhere. This radical idea is where it all started, and back in 1961 Truma released the first official caravan heating system, the “Truma-matic”, to make this very idea possible and open the door to winter camping. Since then, Truma heating systems have proven to be reliable, maintenance-free, environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient, accompanying millions of happy campers on their journeys as standard.

The specialist in camping and caravan accessories from Putzbrunn, Munich, has expanded and optimised their range of heating appliances over the course of the past few decades, using an array of different technologies and always with German-standard engineering. Every kind of camper can find a product to suit them and their preferred way of travelling thanks to Truma’s wide range of gas, gas/electric combi and diesel heaters available for all types of vehicles, developed based on Truma’s expertise and the experience they have built up over decades (after all, many Truma staff members are avid campers and caravanners themselves).

What’s more, the Truma Group is enriched by the skills and competence contributed by heating system specialists Alde, a Swedish brand known for highly efficient hydronic heaters. These use gas power to heat a mixture of water and glycol which is then circulated through convectors and pipes with a pump. This technology makes for a cosy environment with a comfortable level of warmth that isn’t too intense. Alde heaters also distribute heat evenly without spreading large amounts of dust and allergens, maintaining the air’s natural humidity at extremely low noise – to name but a few more reasons why end consumers are fond of Alde heaters.

The legendary Truma S heaters are the real golden oldies of Truma’s range, providing safety and comfort to every caravan as out-and-out gas heating systems. Company founder Philipp Kreis developed the S-shaped heat exchanger back in the ‘60s and it has remained the core of this type of heating system to this day. The S heater is available in three different versions: the “Truma S2200” (compact version), “Truma S3004” (3,500 W) and “Truma S5004” (6,000 W). The electric “Truma Ultraheat” is a 230 V addition to S heaters to heat your caravan up even faster, whilst the “Truma VarioHeat” is an ultra-compact gas heater designed for caravans, motor homes and vans.

This heater can be installed in various positions, vertically or horizontally, is suitable as the main heater in a van or as an additional heater in larger vehicles, and comes in an “eco” or powerful “comfort” version. The “E-Kit” is also available as an additional electric heater and features two 900- Watt heating coils (1800W in total).

The “Combi” heaters, in particular, are reliable all-rounders, combining two functions in one device: they heat your living area whilst also warming up water in built-in 10l stainless steel containers, saving space and weight in your vehicle. And what’s particularly practical is that you can still heat water regardless of whether you need the heating on or not, in summer for example.

All “Combi” versions feature a low-noise fan, create a pleasant indoor environment thanks to their customisable heat distribution through four warm air connections and allow for versatile installation by service partners with their compact design. And what’s more: combining them with Truma air conditioning systems poses no problem at all.

The “Combi 4” and “Combi 6” models are out-and-out gas heaters and are also available kitted out with additional electric heating elements as “Combi 4 E” and “Combi 6 E” versions, which can be run in gas, electric or mixed mode (gas and electric).

Truma’s gas heater models are also available as D models instead. With the roll-out of this next generation, there are now diesel versions of all “Combi” heaters (“Combi D 4” and “Combi D 6”). When kitted out with integrated heating elements (as “Combi D 4 E” and “Combi D 6 E”), the heaters can be operated in diesel, electric or mixed mode (diesel and electric).

The launch of the “Combi D” series means that Truma now has a range of individual, energy-efficient and autonomous heaters with an even higher performance, setting new standards in this product segment. (see the separate press release for more information).

The Truma Combi E models were introduced under the title “Heat Hybrid” in relatively recent 2019. The heaters feature two integrated electric heating elements, providing 900W or 1,800W of heat. These models mean that travellers can choose the heating option that’s right for them: in electric mode, they can make the most of cheap electricity prices or keep their heating on overnight with zero emissions and zero noise. Hybrid mode comes in especially useful in spring or autumn and travellers can save on LP gas or diesel using one or two heating elements. And for those who want to be as self-sufficient as possible, the “Combi” heaters can simply be run on pure gas or diesel. It couldn’t get more customisable when it comes to heating.

“It’s definitely not the norm for one manufacturer to excel in such an array of technical disciplines, but that’s exactly what we strive to do. When it comes to camping and heating, people’s mind should automatically go to Truma. We want to keep on launching innovative products on the market into the future whilst also continuing to develop our existing devices, fulfilling the changing demands of the market and meeting the implicit needs of our customers in doing so. We are constantly asking ourselves whether our products and services do what campers want them to and whether there is anything more we can offer” explained Lars Ludwig, Truma’s Technical Managing Director.

The results of the annual “Promobil” Readers’ Choice Awards also go to show that Truma and their heating technology are an integral part of the camping community: readers have named Truma as the “Best Brand” in the heating sector since 2006.

An overview of the different types of heaters available can also be found on the Truma website by visiting the following link: https://www.truma.com/de/de/produkte/truma-heizungen