Truma iNet X Connect

The remote module enables you to remotely control your appliances

  • Easy connection to the Truma iNet X (Pro) Panel

  • Ready for immediate use thanks to automatic integration into the Truma iNet X System

  • Remotely control appliances throughout Europe* thanks to the eSim provided

  • 2-year mobile data package included when purchasing a new Truma iNet X Connect

As cosy as walking through your own front door.

Simply switch on your air conditioning system as soon as you leave the beach to head back to your camper or turn on the heating before you return to the vehicle on a crisp winter’s day? This is rather effortless and is available throughout Europe with Truma iNet X Connect via the App.

*iNet X Connect cannot be used in Andorra, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Ukraine, Turkey, Belarus, Russia

Truma iNet X Connect, the new remote module for more comfort

Remote system control now also available!
Thanks to the eSim provided, Truma iNet X Connect establishes a mobile data connection and thus allows you to control your appliances via your smartphone. What’s more, you are not only able to control all connected appliances from anywhere, but you can check their status at any time. Switch on your heater while you’re out and about? No problem at all!

Here’s how it works

Securely attach the remote module to the wall of your motor home or caravan and connect it to your Truma iNet X (Pro) Panel. Then simply open the Truma iNet X App. It automatically detects the installed module, adds it and you're good to go.

iNet X Connect is expected to be available from your dealer from July 2024.

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Flexible terms rather than subscriptions

It’ll be music to your ears: A 2-year package for European* use is automatically included when you purchase a new Truma iNet X Connect. The two year period commences once the system has been activated for the first time.

  • Once this period elapses, you have the choice of either a 30 or 365 day package.
  • The packages are not automatically renewed.
  • You can order as and when required, we think that’s a fair approach, right?

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