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Truma LevelControl Set

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Truma iNet Box and Truma LevelControl Set

The set, consisting of the Truma LevelControl and Truma iNet Box, is perfect for customers who would like to use the Truma LevelControl but do not yet have an iNet Box in their vehicle. Together, the two products allow customers to check their gas supplies conveniently and accurately via the Truma App.

The LevelControl uses ultrasound to measure the gas level and sends the information to the iNet Box. The box then transfers the measurement data via Bluetooth or SMS to the user’s smartphone. In the Truma App, customers see a detailed overview of their gas level as a percentage and in kilograms, as well as an indication of how long the gas will last.

  • Truma LevelControl works with all common European steel and aluminium cylinders.
  • An SMS alert informs the user when the remaining gas level in the cylinder is low.
  • You can also use two gas level meters in parallel, so that you always have an eye on how much gas is left in your two-cylinder system.

Other useful features

Checking how much gas is left via the app is just one useful feature of the iNet System. But that’s not all the iNet Box lets you do:

  • Control iNet-compatible Truma or Alde heaters and Truma air conditioning systems.
  • Use the automatic climate control conveniently via the app.
  • Check the vehicle status while you’re on the go.

Find out more about Truma LevelControl.

Get all the relevant information about the Truma iNet System here.

Truma LevelControl attached beneath the steel gas cylinder with the integrated magnet
The level measuring device uses ultrasound to calculate the filling level of your gas cylinder.
Truma App LevelControl status
At a glance, you see the filling level of up to two gas cylinders in the Truma App. You need a separate Truma LevelControl for each of the two gas cylinders.
Truma App LevelControl gas cylinders
In addition to the filling level as a percentage and the gas volume in kilograms, you also see how long the gas will last in days.

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Accessories for Truma LevelControl Set

LevelControl clamping sheet

To attach the Truma LevelControl to aluminium gas cylinders.

LevelControl clamping sheet for aluminium gas cylinders

To attach the Truma LevelControl to aluminium gas cylinders.

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