Truma VarioHeat eco

Truma VarioHeat

For vans and caravans

  • Powerful caravan heater with two output levels

  • Automatic regulation of the heating output depending on the set temperature

  • Lightweight, requires little space

  • Even heat distribution in the vehicle via air outlets

  • Exact setting of the required room temperature

  • High air throughput for very quick heating

More details about the Truma VarioHeat eco

The Truma VarioHeat eco is an extremely compact and lightweight gas heater of the latest generation. It is very powerful and heats your vehicle to the required temperature very quickly. Thanks to the various functions, you can always set the heater to your precise requirements.

If you want the vehicle to heat up quickly, you can use the boost function. You can select the night mode on the Truma VarioHeat eco to operate the heater at the lowest level in its 1300 Watt mode so you can sleep.

You can not only use the digital control panel Truma CP plus to operate the heater; you can also use it to control an installed Truma air conditioning system.

The heater is ideal for motorhomes, caravans and vans.

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Find suitable accessories.
Truma E-Kit The E-Kit really heats up your vehicle. In addition to the heating power of the VarioHeat, it provides another 1,800 W. Using the control panel or app, you can switch on two individual heating coils, each with 900 W, and select the type of energy – complete versatility is guaranteed.
Awning warmer Directs the warm air from the existing caravan heater directly into the awning. If more heat is required, a second awning warmer can be installed.
Optimum warm air distribution Precisely coordinated modular system. Ensures even, comfortable heat distribution throughout the interior.
Truma CP plus VarioHeat iNet ready Simply set the room temperature on the digital control panel Truma CP plus VarioHeat iNet ready.