Truma S 2200

Truma S 2200 heater

Space-saving gas heater for small caravans

  • Even distribution of the warm air

  • Without a fan, can be operated independently of a power grid

  • Low gas consumption

  • Flue gas removed through roof or wall cowl

  • Heater available with flue gas connection on the left (standard) or on the right (on request)

More details about Truma S 2200

With its heat output, dimensions and weight, the Truma S 2200 is the smallest and lightest Truma S heater. It was developed to generate pleasant warmth in small caravans.

Because of its compact dimensions, the Truma S 2200 can be integrated flexibly in your caravan. The gas heater is very economical and reliable. The heater comes with a 1.5V auto ignitor.

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Find suitable accessories.
Cowl lead-through UEK Exhaust gases from Truma S heaters are directed safely through a caravan roof protector.
Optimum warm air distribution Precisely coordinated modular system. Ensures even, comfortable heat distribution throughout the interior.
Airmix for Trumavent fan Enriches the warm air in the caravan with fresh air. Circulation air, outside air or mixed mode are set with the slide control. Not for motor homes or heaters with an underfloor exhaust gas system.
Awning warmer Directs the warm air from the existing caravan heater directly into the awning. If more heat is required, a second awning warmer can be installed.
Cowl extension for S heaters Among other things, it prevents the heater flame extinguishing in strong winds. Suitable for caravans, motor homes and mobile homes. Various designs from 15 to 45 cm.