Truma Cooler C96 Dual Zone

Truma Cooler 96 Dual Zone: One box, two temperature zones

  • High-performance: reliably cools down to -22 degrees

  • Twice as cool: two individually adjustable temperature zones

  • Versatile: compatible with almost all on-board sources and mains power sources

  • Robust: rather reliable and durable, thanks to its stable design

  • Efficient: high-quality insulation lowers power consumption

  • Space-saving: ample space inside and retractable handles

The Truma Cooler C96 portable fridge/freezer is our largest Dual Zone model and offers two individually adjustable temperature zones. This means you can chill and freeze things at the same time.

You can adjust the exact temperature to the nearest degree. Meaning the Cooler is effortlessly transformed into a freezer or wine fridge.

  • Usable volume: 95 litres (40 + 55l)
  • Cooling range: +10°C to -22°C
  • Weight: 34.9 kg
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 912 x 536 x 504 mm
  • Average power consumption: 0.34 A
    (on-board voltage; outside temperature of 25°C; temperature adjustment of 5°C)
    Power connections: 230 V, 12 V, 24 V
  • Energy efficiency class: D

Power supply

The Truma Cooler C96 can be operated from the car battery (directly connected on the vehicle or via a 12 V socket), 230 V mains current or even a portable battery. You also have the option of using your portable fridge/freezer in a self-sufficient manner via a solar module or the corresponding Truma Cooler BatteryPack.

Tip: The portable fridge/freezer comes equipped with a Battery Monitor. This means that the Truma Cooler C96 is automatically disconnected from the car battery if a critical value is reached.


Operation couldn’t be easier! You can make the settings directly on the digital display or you can take advantage of the free Truma Cooler App.

Should you experience an unexpected problem – for example, due to a cable being loose or the power supply being interrupted – this is indicated by means of a flashing code on the display. You will also be given appropriate information with recommendations on how to proceed in the app.

Sophisticated functions

While our portable fridge/freezer is primarily used for chilling and freezing purposes, it also offers a few other functions which make your everyday life even easier.

  • Tablets and smartphones can be charged with the USB connection
  • 12 V connection on both sides of the box, with alignment being much more flexible
  • The lid can be opened on both sides
  • Two integrated bottle openers
  • Handles sit flush, saving space when installed in a vehicle.


Insulating cover

The thermo-insulating cover improves the energy efficiency of your portable fridge/freezer and reduces energy consumption. The Truma Cooler maintains its temperature for longer when the power is switched off. The robust nylon exterior also protects your mobile refrigerator from scratches, dirt and spray water.

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