Truma LevelControl

Truma LevelControl

Check your gas level with the Truma App

  • Practical: view your current levels with the app

  • Exact: measure how much gas you have left in kilograms and percent

  • Simple: easy to install in an independent manner

  • Universal: suitable for all standard steel and aluminium gas cylinders

Continually keeping an eye on the gas level: Truma LevelControl

You no longer need to rigorously shake the gas cylinder to check its fill level. The Truma LevelControl uses ultrasound to measure how much gas there is in the cylinder and indicates the exact result in the Truma LevelControl App.  

Installing Truma LevelControl is as easy as it gets: The LevelControl is attached below the steel cylinder by means of magnets and is then connected to the app – it is simple to install, without any cables. If you have an aluminium cylinder, then you will also need the corresponding clamping sheet.

Suitable for all standard European steel and aluminium gas cylinders with a diameter of 200-350 mm.
Not suitable for plastic gas cylinders, refillable gas cylinders, gas tanks or butane cylinders.

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If you have a Truma iNet Box installed, you are also able to integrate Truma LevelControl here and control it via your Truma App.

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Find suitable accessories.
LevelControl clamping sheet for aluminium gas cylinders To attach the Truma LevelControl to aluminium gas cylinders.