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Truma gas filter

Reliably protects the gas system from oiling

Truma Gasfilter
  • Filters up to 99.9% of aerosols and protects the gas system and all gas appliances
  • Use filter together with the pads for longer and save money
  • Fits in all gas cylinder boxes
  • Can be opened quickly without tools to check and replace the pad

More details about the Truma gas filter

The Truma gas filter effectively protects the gas system from contamination in gas cylinders. Oily particles are carried along with the gas flow as aerosols, depositing themselves in the regulators and blocking them. The new generation of Truma gas filters removes these residues from the gas and deposits them on a filter pad which is easy to replace when the cylinder is replaced.

As opposed to the predecessor model, it is no longer necessary to replace the filter cartridge. Consequently, the Truma gas filter ensures that the gas system and all gas-operated appliances will have a long service life.

  • Can be opened only when the gas cylinder is closed
  • Quickly retrofitted, suitable for all wall and ceiling-mounted Truma gas pressure regulators

Technical data

Gas filter
Gas type propane/butane
Operating pressure 0.3 to 16 bar
Filter inlet male thread M20 x 1.5
Filter outlet union nut M20 x 1.5
Dimensions approx. 67 x 81 x 54 mm (H x W x D)
Weight (incl. filter pad) 370 g

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