Truma App

The Truma App

App-solute control from at home or  when you’re on the move

  • Local and remote control of a Truma heater and / or air conditioning systems via Bluetooth or SMS
  • New automatic air conditioning system menu point (only in conjunction with CP plus – iNet ready)
  • Status request of the on-board equipment e.g. – Onshore power supply available or operating status of the appliances, e.g. on / off, boost, temperature (only via SMS)
  • Notification of new firmware update for the Truma iNet Box
  • Signalling if a set temperature or the on-board voltage is not reached

Continually it will also assist with:

  • Quickly find the optimum location with the help of sun alignment
  • With the leveling function bring the vehicle quite comfortably into horizontal place
  • Find out the nearest Truma dealer or service partner simply, if required
  • Always the right Truma manuals, explanatory videos and product tips at hand - even offline

Get the practical, new Truma app for your smartphone or tablet now!


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Screenshots - the Truma App at a glance

... with news, two practical camping tools, operating instructions and dealer locator

Truma Fleece Jacke

Truma App Startscreen

Truma Fleece Jacke

Truma App Screen Status

Truma Fleece Jacke

Truma App Levelling

Truma App Screen My Devices

Truma App Screen Remote Control

"Truma App in a new dimension"

The Truma App enables the Combi heater and Truma air conditioning systems to be remotely controlled anywhere and anytime; be it on the ski slopes, at the beach or when hiking. The Truma App allows you to control the units easily and simply from wherever you are, and to query the current device and vehicle status. This makes camping much more easy, comfortable and safe.

The entire Truma App has been enhanced and improved. The display has been optimised so that all important elements are shown on the start screen. There are also some new functions: For example, customers can operate their Truma appliances via the App simultaneously with up to four smartphones – Android, iOS or a combination. Truma iNet Box firmware can now also be updated offline.

A further highlight of the Truma app are two camping tools: Where is the best place for my vehicle? The Truma sun dial helps select the right position and slot for the vehicle via a compass that shows where and when the sun rises and sets and where it reaches its highest point. And that's not all. The Truma app also has a vehicle levelling function to ensure that the caravan or motorcaravan is perfectly horizontal.

This app keeps all users up-to-date with Truma news and product information. Also, customers can get a fast access to user manuals, brief instructions, tips and how-to-videos of Truma products that they use.
Answers to frequently asked questions can be found here.


  • Requires iOS: 8 and up. This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad as well as for iPod touch.
  • Requires Android: 4.1 and up
  • Windows: not compatible
  • 2G Mini SIM card

Available in:

  • English, French, German, Italian, Swedish, Danis, American - North