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Important safety information

Replacement of the filter cup of the Truma gas filter

During our quality assurance work, we established that there is a material fault in the windows of the filter cup for the Truma gas filter; this is due to faulty processing by one of our sub-suppliers. The material fault can allow gas to escape freely into the atmosphere via the cylinder box. In unfavourable circumstances, this could cause gas deflagration and injuries, although we are not aware of any cases where this has happened.

This fault affects all filter cups from January 2012 onwards.

Safety Precautions

The probability that the material fault will present itself is very low, however, campers who have a Truma gas filter fitted in their vehicle must take the following precautions:

  • Shut down the gas system immediately
  • Contact your dealer or Truma and order new filter cups free-of-charge
  • Old filter cups are to be replaced with new one.


The replacement is easy and free!