Truma iNet X App

Coming soon...

We have been the leading specialist for camping accessories for over 70 years – and it is no secret that we are passionate about what we do. We will soon be taking the next step and pursuing our vision: the smart RV.

Similarly to viewing and controlling each appliance and each function on an individual basis – we want to network all the products, which make life in the RV more comfortable. For you, this means: Being able to operate all your appliances with a single operating system and having important queries displayed.

An important part of our new system is the iNet X App, which perfectly complements the classic control panel and provides you with a greater level of freedom.

But the best thing is: Our new system can be updated and is open to new devices and features. Your system will therefore always feature cutting edge technology and you will be able to subsequently integrate future products. 

When will the new system be launched onto the market? Truma has attached great importance to quality and good service from the outset. To live up to our own requirements, we need a little more time. 

We will provide initial more detailed information around the time of Caravan Salon at the end of August. Please bear with us in the meantime.