Relaxed parking

The new smart A4 mover for double-axle vehicles

Setting new standards in heating

The next generation of the Truma Combi D.
Economical – for your customized RV experience.

It will be smart!

Find out more about the Truma iNet X system solution and our central operating system.

Stay cool on hot days

Your ideal temperature. Any time, anywhere.

Next generation

More compact, lighter, more user friendly – Truma has improved its gas pressure regulators once again.

Heat Hybrid

Get warm and cosy faster
With the new Truma Combi 6 E, you heat in a flexible way and up to 25% faster!

Enjoy carefree camping holidays with Truma

Just like at home, but much nicer: Thanks to Truma, you always have your home comforts with you – for family holidays on the Mediterranean, active holidays in the Alps or a camping tour to the North Cape. Many of our employees are also keen campers and enjoy trying out Truma products when on holiday. In this way, we know exactly what's important to campers and constantly experiment with new, innovative products to excite you and make your holidays even more relaxing.