Combi D 6 (E)

Suitable for motorhomes

All the benefits of the proven Combi heaters - but with a diesel burner

  • 6000 W rated thermal output
  • Burner technology from J. Eberspächer
  • Optimum distribution of warm air through four warm air outlets
  • Comes with FrostControl, the current-free safety/drain valve featuring frost monitoring, as standard
  • Short water heating time, but no need to cut your shower short - enjoy!
  • Durable stainless steel water tank
  • Available with a new LCD control panel CP plus or analog control panel CP classic
  • Combi D 6 E with integrated heating elements


CP plus
 Combi 4Combi 6Combi D 6
Energy sourceLiquid gas (propane/butane)Liquid gas (propane/butane)Diesel in acc. with EN 590
Operating pressure30 mbar30 mbar
Water capacity10 litres10 litres10 litres
Water pressureMax. 2.8 barMax. 2,8 barMax. 2,8 bar
Heating time (from 15°C to 60°C): Water container/Heater and water container*
Approx. 20 min.
Approx. 80 min.

Approx. 20 min.
Approx. 80 min.

Approx. 20 min.
Approx. 80 min.
Rated thermal output2000 / 4000 W2000 / 4000 / 6000 W2000 / 4000 / 6000 W
Fuel consumption160 - 320 g/h160 - 480 g/h220 - 630 ml/h during normal operation with average heat output (1000 W): 110 ml/h
Air flow rateMax. 287 m3/hMax. 287 m3/hMax. 287 m3/h
Power consumption (at 12 V): Heating and water container operation0.2 A up to temporary max. of 5.6 A (average approx. 1.1 A)0.2 A up to temporary max. of 5.6 A (average approx. 1.1 A))1.8 A up to temporary max. of 7 A, during normal operation with heat output of less than 2000 W: less than 1.8 A
Power consumption (at 12 V): Heating up water containerMax. 0,4 AMax. 0,4 AMax. 1,8 A
Rest currentApprox. 0.001 AApprox. 0.001 AApprox. 0.001 A
Weight (without water)14,0 kg14,0 kg15,8 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H)510 x 450 x 300 mm510 x 450 x 300 mm525 x 450 x 300 mm
Attention: Dimensions are not the required minimum installation dimensions
* EN 15033

Additional benefits of the Combi D 6

  • Four warm air connections ensure optimum air distribution via a quiet yet powerful fan
  • The temperature can be infinitely adjusted on the ergonomic control panel
  • During winter operation, the vehicle is heated and the water is warmed up at the same time; during summer operation, only the water is warmed up
  • The asymmetrical shape of the 10-litre stainless steel water container enables the water to be mixed more efficiently - so it warms up more evenly and rapidly - which means you can enjoy longer showers without the need to readjust any settings
  • The heater can be operated even if the water container hasn’t been filled
  • The compact design enables a high degree of flexibility when selecting the installation area
  • Water, gas and warm air duct connections at the side make servicing easier
  • The innovative microprocessor control system ensures even more safety

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