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Automatic climate control and steering via app

Truma iNet set package

In addition to the iNet Box, the digital control panel Truma CP plus is an important part of the Truma iNet System. It picks up signals from the iNet Box and forwards them to the Truma heater or air conditioning unit. "To make this possible, we needed to redesign the control panel and make it iNet- capable," explains developer Michael Maier. There is a wealth of new intelligence in the new CP plus that allows communication with the iNet Box and therefore also the remote control of Truma units. "Regardless of this, the units can of course still be regulated classically via the digital control panel," says Maier. This is important for safety reasons, especially for gas-operated units such as the Combi heater.

Intelligent automatic climate control

The new CP plus not only enables remote control, it also has a new feature that guarantees more convenience when camping: automatic climate control. It allows the preferred temperature inside the vehicle to be kept constant despite the weather, and adjusts both the heater and air conditioning system in an intelligent manner. Target temperatures of between 18° and 25° C can be selected in 1° C steps. "We have tested the automatic system extensively in the climate chamber and in practice, and have integrated numerous switch logics to optimise the interplay between the heater and air conditioning system." For instance: A temperature buffer was installed to prevent excessive regulation between the devices. The automatic climate control system only reacts if the actual temperature deviates a few degrees upwards or downwards of the set target temperature. Even brief temperature fluctuations, which can occur as a result of cooking or drying hair, do not have an impact on the automatic system. It will only readjust the units, if the temperature change remains constant for a certain time. "To ensure that the system is a user-friendly as possible, we also paid attention to the fan regulation and the associated noise levels," explains Michael Maier.

Professional installation required

Despite all the software intelligence, optimum results primarily depend on where the Combi temperature sensor is installed. "This is the main sensor for the automatic climate control system and should therefore be located where the preferred room temperature is to be reached. Also, it should be somewhere that is not influenced by the outside temperature and direct sunlight or other sources of cold or heat." The functions 'Offset' and 'AC Set' can be used to calibrate the Combi temperature sensor for heating and cooling, thus ensuring that the preferred temperature is reached even more precisely. "This means that customers can set their automatic climate control system to their own personal settings."

Easy retrofitting

Truma has also ensured that the CP plus can be used internationally. The temperature can now be displayed in Fahrenheit and Celsius, and the time in a 12-hour or 24-hour format. "This is also a reflection of Truma's growing international approach." For this reason, too, the warm water levels were also changed from 40° C to 'Eco' and 60° C to 'Hot'. Unchanged are the many convenient functions with which the heater and air conditioning system can be controlled, and also the ease with which the control panel can be retrofitted. As in the past, it is possible to retrofit the digital control panel in all vehicles with older Combis (grey casing) by exchanging the Combi PCB and installing the CP plus.

As of the end of August 2015, all Truma CP plus control panels will be iNet-ready and contain the new automatic climate control system. They bear the label 'iNet ready' and are available exclusively from Truma Partners. The recommended price is 206,99 £. In combination with the Truma iNet Box, the new CP plus is available in a set for the preferential price of 369,99 £.

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