Truma Combi: the smart heater also for caravans

Combi ensures more comfort in caravans

Illustration of a car and a caravan

The Truma Combi offers campers twice the convenience in one compact device. The proven heater offers a number of benefits:

  • High performance: The Combi heats the vehicle, quickly, efficiently and evenly, and also produces hot water.
  • Functional: The heater can be controlled quickly and simply via the digital control panel CP plus
  • Smart: If campers use a Truma air conditioning system, they also profit from the automatic climate control which ensures a constant pleasant temperature in the vehicle. In combination with the Truma iNet System, the heater, air conditioning system and the automatic climate control can be operated via an app on smartphones or tablets. Whenever. Wherever.
  • Discreet: Installed out of sight so it is not visible inside the living area
  • Space saving: Installation of the heater does not affect the storage space or clearance width in the central part of the caravan.

It is hardly surprising then that the Truma Combi is no longer only installed in motorhomes, but is becoming more and more popular for caravans where it sets standards in terms of comfort.

There are a large number of models from various manufacturers equipped with the Combi heater on display at the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf. So, visitors should keep their eyes open when buying a caravan! The Combi is the right choice for people who want to be able to set their devices individually, and who are looking for an intuitive operation and a possibility to network their devices either with each other or via an app.

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