More safety – not just for pet owners

New Truma App feature

Elderly couple with their dog on a meadow

Whatever the weather, campers no longer have to worry about leaving their four-legged friends alone in their motor home or caravan thanks to the heat alarm, a new app feature of the Truma iNet System. Customers receive an SMS alert when the vehicle becomes too hot and the temperature exceeds a certain, pre-set level. Pet owners can then react immediately and switch on the air conditioning system remotely to lower the temperature.

The new function complements the existing cold and voltage alarms. If the temperature inside the vehicle becomes too low or the battery voltage drops below the selected level, customers also receive an SMS alert. But the Truma iNet System not only keeps pet owners on the safe side – it also makes it possible to control the Combi heater and Truma air conditioning systems from a smartphone or tablet, to query the vehicle status (incl. temperature or power supply), and to check the gas volume with the app – at any time and from anywhere.

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