Sailing trip thanks to Truma Eskimos

Donation from sale of mascots goes to children's home

Truma mascot Nanuk

The small Truma mascots are very popular at every exhibition! At the CMT 2015 in Stuttgart, Truma sold its cuddly Eskimos for a small donation. The idea: to donate all proceeds to the Truma Foundation Renate Schimmer-Wottrich that provides support to disadvantaged children, teenagers and families. The campaign was well received among the exhibitor visitors: "We were able to collect a sum of 1705 euros – thank you", says a very happy Verena Flowers, who is responsible for the exhibitions at Truma.

The Truma Foundation generously rounded this sum up to 5,000 euros and donated it to the Clemens-Maria children's home in Putzbrunn. This curative institution will use the money to take six boys between the ages of eleven and thirteen to Croatia on a sailing trip. For the children, who will be accompanied by someone from the home, these two weeks on a sailing ship are an absolute highlight. "They otherwise have seldom the opportunity to go on holiday and will enjoy the adventure on the sea. These two weeks will teach them to live with others in very close quarters, become part of a team and to take care of themselves and the crew on the ship," says Sabine Kotrel-Vogel, manager of the children's home.

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