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New Truma gas filter


Truma is bringing out a new gas filter to go with its improved gas pressure regulators. The new filter protects the regulators effectively against dirt. Oily particles are carried along in the gas flow as aerosol particles, which can accumulate in the regulators and block them. The new Truma gas filter separates these residues from the gas – prolonging the life of the gas system and all gas appliances. A major benefit is that the new filter collects the aerosol particles on a filter pad, which means it is no longer necessary to change the whole filter cartridge. Customers simply check the pad when they change the gas cylinder and replace it once it is saturated. Truma filter pads come in packs of ten.


  • The new Truma gas filter catches 99.9% of aerosol particles and protects the gas system and all gas appliances such as fridges and heaters.
  • Thanks to its compact design, it fits inside every gas cylinder box.
  • The filter can be opened quickly without tools to check or change the pad. For safety reasons, the filter can only be opened when the gas cylinder is closed.
  • Customers save money: they only need to buy one gas filter and then change the filter pad as needed, instead of the whole cartridge.
  • The Truma gas filter can be retrofitted quickly and easily. It is suitable for all horizontally and vertically mounted Truma gas pressure regulators.

The new Truma gas filter is available from specialist dealers from 1 March 2019

Technical specifications and price

Truma gas filter
Gas type Propane/butane
Operating pressure 0.3 to 16 bar
Dimensions (H x W x D) approx. 67 x 81 x 54 mm
Weight (incl. filter pad) 370 g
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