Gas filter at a preferential price

Truma gas filter double pack
Preferential price and permanent price reduction

Girl watching her father who changes the gas cylinde in the cylinder box

From January 2017, Truma is bringing a gas filter double pack onto the market at a preferential price. This is aimed at customers with a two-cylinder gas pressure regulating system who need two gas filters. The accessories specialist also permanently reduces the price of the Truma gas filter replacement cartridges.

Effective protection

"With this, our aim is to make it clear that the subject of clean gas is important to us", explains Bernd Gerlach, head of European Retail Management. The Truma gas filter is essential in a motor home or caravan. It effectively protects the gas system against contaminated gas, and separates out 99% of oily particles that can be found in the liquid gas. It thereby ensures that your gas system and all gas-operated appliances such as the heater, refrigerator and cooker have a long service life.

Simple installation

Truma does not give a guarantee on defective regulators that have been used without a filter. "This is neither a material defect nor a manufacturing fault. It is therefore all the more important for our customers to use the gas filter", explains Gerlach. It is easy to install between the regulator and the gas hose, and is suitable for all wall-mounted gas pressure regulation systems and for fillable tank gas cylinders.

Regular inspection

Customers should inspect the gas filter cartridge every time the cylinder is changed. If there are drops of oily residue, clear liquids or white lime deposits on the cartridge or in the filter cup, the cartridge is saturated and must be replaced. The cartridge should generally be replaced at least every two years.

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