Clean gas in recreational vehicles

The Truma gas filter protects your gas system

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Filter your LPG

Filtering air, water and other substances is something which is absolutely essential. It is just as essential for these filters to be replaced at regular intervals – such as in the extractor hood in your kitchen or the oil tank in your car.

The contamination of LPG has increased significantly throughout Europe. Oily particles (Olefines, paraffins and other hydrocarbon compounds) are carried along in the flow of gas as aerosols and become deposited in the gas system. The Truma gas pressure regulators meet the highest of standards and are certified in accordance with the European LPG standards. Nevertheless, they can be damaged by the aerosols or their functionality can be impaired.
For this reason, we recommend

  • using the Truma gas filter
  • filtering the LPG in your cylinders or your tank
  • checking the filter cartridges at regular intervals.

Protect your gas system

Truma has the perfect solution: The Truma gas filter effectively protects your gas system from contaminated gas. It separates the oily particles and therefore ensures that your gas system and all gas-operated devices such as the heating, the refrigerator and the cooker have a long service life.

The benefits to you:

  • Highly efficient: Separates up to 99 % of the oily particles.
  • Practical: The filter cartridge can be replaced quickly and easily
  • Can be retrofitted: Suitable for all wall-mounted gas pressure regulation systems and fillable gas cylinders

Use the Truma gas filter

In order to effectively protect your gas system from oil contamination, you need one or two Truma gas filters, depending on whether you have a one-cylinder or two-cylinder system in the vehicle.

Change the filter cartridge at regular intervals

Check your Truma gas filter whenever you change the cylinder:

  • Unscrew/open the filter and check whether the filter cup and the filter cartridge are wet or contaminated.
  • If there are drops of oily residue, clear liquids or white lime deposits on the cartridge or in the filter cup, the cartridge is saturated and must be replaced.
  • Clean the filter cup with a soft paper towel before inserting the new cartridge. To do this, please use protective/disposable gloves (see operating instructions).

The cartridge should normally be replaced no later than every two years.

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