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Truma aircon promo 2017 Truma barnded parasol on the beach

Air conditioner + iNet Box + smartphone
Smart comfort: Campers who purchase an Aventa or Saphir air conditioner and a Truma iNet Box will receive a free Samsung Galaxy XCover 3. With this outdoor smartphone, the customer can easily switch on their air conditioner via the Truma App – whether they’re on the beach or out hiking or mountain biking. All it takes is a finger touch to ensure that the customer’s vehicle will be pleasantly cooled by the time they return.

With the Truma iNet System, the air conditioner and Combi heater can be operated by smartphone or tablet – anytime and anywhere. This is why Truma air conditioners are particularly interesting for customers who already have a Combi heater inside their vehicle. They can control both appliances either on the central CP plus control panel or – even more conveniently – using the Truma App. Inside the vehicle and near to it, this works via Bluetooth, or via SMS when the customer is out and about. Truma automatic climate control also intelligently synchronizes the heating and air conditioning and keeps the temperature inside the vehicle at a constant level, regardless of the weather conditions outside. This function can also be controlled via the Truma App.

Air conditioner + beach parasol
Cool comfort: With the purchase of a Truma Aventa or Saphir air conditioner including installation, campers receive a Truma-branded, premium-quality beach parasol for free. This means they’ll be perfectly equipped for a long, hot summer: with a shady spot on the beach and pleasantly cool temperatures inside their vehicle guaranteed! “Even on hot summer days, Truma air conditioners ensure the perfect feel-good temperature in no time at all, as well as being very quiet and energy-saving,” explains Bernd Gerlach, head of European Retail Management.

Both promotional packages allow customers to profit from Truma’s discounted price. The promotion is taking place in cooperation with Truma Partners and will run from March 1st until July 31st, 2017.

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