1949 & 1950s
1949: Truma established
1950: First patent
1954: Truma heat radiator
1955: Mass production of light fittings
1956: Truma valve
1961: The first caravan heating system
1963: Truma logo
1967: Trumatic-S 3000
1968: Improved warm air distribution
1969: Duomatic gas cylinder system
1970: Cross of Merit for Philipp Kreis
1972: Truma customer service
1975: Trumatic E heater
1976: Truma Therme water heating
1981: Truma Boiler
1983: Administration building and cold chamber
1984: Mini heat exchanger
1988: Renate Schimmer-Wottrich takes over as manager
1989: Modernised production facilities
1992: Extension building and high-bay warehouse
1994: Trumatic C goes into production
1997: Truma UK established
1999: The first Truma manoeuvring system
2003: Cross of Merit for Renate Schimmer-Wottrich
2006: Saphir air conditioning system
2007: Introduction of the Truma Combi
2008: Renate Schimmer-Wottrich steps down from the management board
2009: The R-class Mover
2010: The crash sensor
2011: First roof-mounted Truma air conditioning system
2012: 50 years of caravan heating systems
2013: Truma Mover XT
2014: Digital convenience
2015: Alexander Wottrich joins the company
2016: Award for the Truma iNet System
2017: Truma VarioHeat replaces E heaters

On returning home after WWII, Philipp Kreis opens a language school in Munich. The lack of mains power in the post-war period poses a major problem for evening courses, giving him the idea of going into gas light production. Due to the increasing demand for gas lights, Philipp finds himself producing and selling them in large quantities in a very short space of time.

On 27 October 1949, he registered his trade under the company name Truma. The brand name Truma stands for the name of the then US president Harry S. Truman, who the company’s founder Philipp Kreis very much admired due to the instrumental role he played in restoring Germany to an industrial nation.

The Truma gas light solves lighting problems when no electricity is available. On 10 November 1950, a patent is granted for the invention of a gas light for all flammable gases. It is the first patent for Philipp Kreis.

The language teachers no longer teach, instead they work as development and assembly personnel for Truma.

The Truma heat radiator is available. A heater that runs on town and bottled gas and delivers 440 thermal units (= 0.5 kW). It is the ideal small heater for many applications – and, thanks to the exhaust gas system, is also suitable for household purposes and vehicles.

The Model 55 light is mass-produced. It is the first light on the world market to be fitted with a heat-resistant diaphragm valve. A new pear-shaped opal globe with reflector increases light output by 25%.

Truma now has twelve employees.

The Truma valve with diaphragm seal, patented since 1955, is improved to the "quick-acting valve with rotary switch" and is produced in many models with different connections.

The valve can be used universally for compressed air, gas and many liquids. The diamond-shaped operating handle clearly shows the position of the valve.

Truma-matic is "the first officially recognised caravan heating system", not reliant on mains electricity, easy to use thanks to a piezo ignition, entirely safe thanks to its enclosed system and thermo-electric safety ignition device, and economical to run thanks to a high-performance burner.

February sees the sale of the 100,000th Truma light and the 500,000th Truma valve.

The company expands, moving into newly built premises in the Berg-am-Laim aera of Munich in July.

Old flame – new logo: The Truma logo is developed from a circle and a flame and remains to the present day.

The new freedom and larger caravans demand more heating power: therefore, Truma introduces the Trumatic-S 3000 with 3000 HU (= 3.5 kW) to the market.

The visual appearance of the heater is improved the following year: the new smooth cover can be removed easily, while slits allow users to see the flame. With the Trumatic-SD 2000, SB 1800 and S 3000, Truma offers "the right heater for every caravan".

Warm air distribution for increased comfort: flexible pipes and infinitely variable outlets enable heat to be distributed in accordance with requirements. Truma supplies the blower for mains or battery operation, along with a complete range of modular accessories.

The Duomatic gas regular is introduced, making the process of changing over from operating cylinders to reserve cylinders fully automatic. The regulator also comes complete with a pressure indicator so that the gas system can be checked for leaks. The association of caravan and camping journalists (ACJ) presents Truma with the "Caravan mit der goldenen Nase" award, which recognises top-selling products, for inventing the Duomatic.

In 1970, Philipp Kreis is awarded the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany for his pioneering work in the development of propane gas systems and central oil supplies. The award is presented by the Mayor of Munich at that time, Dr. Hans Steinkohl.

Truma decides to set up its own mobile customer service organisation to take expert support and advice directly to customers on campsites in Germany – a unique service in the sector.

The TÜV introduces a requirement that caravan gas systems are checked every two years. Truma’s customer service division is responsible for inspections and the issuing of test certificates.

The Trumatic E, an electronically controlled heater, is launched. It can be installed in mobile homes, boats or trucks.

The new Truma Therme brings hot water supplies to caravans and motor homes for the first time. Water is heated by the warm air system in the gas heater.

Truma perfects hot water supplies for caravans and motor homes by developing a gas boiler which makes taking a shower in recreational vehicles possible for the very first time. 

Production, engineering and administration are combined on the same site in new modern buildings added to the existing production premises in Putzbrunn. This provides scope for expansion.

This year also sees the introduction of a generously dimensioned cold chamber that is even suitable for large motor homes, providing a location in which Truma can test equipment and vehicles under the harshest of practical conditions. The cold chamber also proves popular with vehicle manufacturers and trade journalists for carrying out a variety of tests. 

Thanks to its safe, maintenance-free functions, the Trumatic E is increasingly popular in lorry cabins, stowage areas and on boats.


Truma designs a mini heat exchanger that provides the desired heat output due to the shape of its surface. It is used in the new Trumatic-E 1800 heater, which can be installed in many different locations because of its small size; in compact motor homes, small lorry cabins, sports boats and as an additional heater in large caravans and motor homes.

The daughter of the company’s founder, Renate Schimmer-Wottrich, is taking over the management of the company as managing partner.

Philipp Kreis is withdrawing from the day-to-day running of the business.

The production facilities are modernised. All production processes are optimised and reorganised.

A programme of building modernisation and expansion begins: the kitchens, canteen and training centre become a communications centre and a bridge links the production building to the new distribution warehouse. State-of-the-art training rooms are installed, so that even more customers now have access to the training Truma has been providing for many years.

The new Trumatic C supplies heat and hot water from a single device, thereby offering freedom and luxury for independent recreational travel. Many manufacturers of motor homes add the Trumatic C as a product feature immediately.

The Truma UK subsidiary is founded for sales and service of Truma products throughout the UK.


In 1997, Alde becomes part of the Truma Group. The Swedish company manufactures hot water heaters.


Truma adds manoeuvring systems for caravans to its product portfolio. The original Mover makes manoeuvring caravans child’s play.


During the course of the same year, an air conditioning system is developed and launched so that comfortable climates can be enjoyed during the summer months also.


Renate Schimmer-Wottrich was awarded the Cross of Merit in 2003 for her entrepreneurial and social achievements. In his speech, Hans Spitzner, who was State Secretary in the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Transport and Technology at the time, praised the excellent corporate culture at Truma, but also highlighted Renate Schimmer-Wottrich’s achievements in the charitable and non-profit domain.


In building the technology and innovation centre, Truma offers its employees a creative basis for new innovations. New and extraordinary ideas are born in the many new laboratories, two new cold and climate chambers for vehicles, and a state-of-the-art test facility for developing air conditioning systems.


With the introduction of the Saphir compact and Saphir comfort air conditioning systems, Truma brings air conditioning devices to the market which are more lightweight and quieter than any of their predecessors.


The new Saphir vario air conditioning system with power inverter is by far the quietest in its class, providing cooling functions on three levels and suitable for use whilst on the move or stationary at 12 V or 230 V.

Truma launches the Truma Combi, its new heating system for motor homes. Replacing the Trumatic C, of which more than 500,000 units were built, the Combi is more compact and even more lightweight. It also features Frost Control, the first entirely current-free drain valve.

The opening of the company’s Italian subsidiary Truma Italia S.r.l. brings Truma even closer to its customers in the rest of mainland Europe.

Renate Schimmer-Wottrich is resigning from the management board to take over as chair of the advisory board.

The new Mover R manoeuvring systems are introduced, offering yet more power and reliability.


A new diesel motor home heater has been part of the Combi product range since 2008: Truma Combi D. It is the lightest, most efficient diesel combi heater on the market.


Truma continues to grow and also opens a new office in China in 2008 in order to be there for the Chinese caravanning market from the very beginning.

The new gas pressure regulation systems MonoControl CS and DuoControl CS with crash sensor take safety for heating whilst on the move to the next level.

Truma is now advancing into the roof and air conditioning market as it launches the new Aventa Comfort for caravans and motor homes. The Aventa air conditioning system supports not only cooling but also heating, with its energy-saving heat pump. Thanks to its cooling power of 2400 Watts and the extremely flat air distributor in the interior, the Aventa sets new standards among roof air conditioning systems.

The Mover TE R4 is being introduced. This means that two-axle caravans and trailers up to a total weight of 3000 kg can now also be manoeuvred.

In 2012 Truma celebrated a special anniversary: 50 years of caravan heaters. Truma offers two new versions of the legendary S-heater: The S 3004 and S 5004. They not only retain the proven quality features of the predecessor models, but also set new standards in terms of operating convenience, warm air distribution and design.

The Truma gas filter protects regulators and valves effectively against soiling and oil. A further innovative addition to the gas supply range is the Truma LevelCheck. This device shows the filling level of gas cylinders and uses an ultrasound process to detect whether there is liquid gas in the cylinder at the measuring point.

Truma's Mover XT sets new standards for manoeuvring systems. Thanks to its brushless motors, the XT guarantees unprecedented manoeuvring precision and also saves up to 20 kg in weight. The new Mover PowerSets with the new lighter Truma BC 10 charger are perfectly matched to the Mover XT.

Truma continues its internationalisation strategy and founds subsidiaries in the USA and China.

The Truma App offers app-solute new, digital convenience – with the latest news, fast access to user instructions and useful camping tools. The Truma App is available for smartphones and tablets and is available free of charge.

Truma launches a product specially developed for the North American market, the Truma AquaGo. The continuous heater produces an infinite supply of warm water at a constant temperature at the push of a button.

2015 Alexander Wottrich joined Truma to continue its successful history as a family company in the third generation.

As managing director, he is responsible for all corporate activities of the Truma Group. This not only includes Truma Gerätetechnik, but also the two companies Alde, which is based in Sweden, and Powrwheel based in Great Britain. Renate Schimmer-Wottrich supports her son in her capacity as deputy managing director and also remains as chair of the advisory board.

A new era begins: Truma launches the iNet System. It digitally networks Truma devices, such as the Combi heater and air conditioning systems, allowing these to be controlled per smartphone when on the go.

The Truma iNet System wins the European Innovation Award. The jury, which comprises trade journalists from 16 European caravanning magazines, names the Truma iNet System the most innovative accessory product for retrofitting.

Renate Schimmer-Wottrich is awarded the German Camping Prize at the Travel & Camping exhibition in Essen. This award acknowledges the Truma owner’s dedication to caravanning and camping. She has campaigned on behalf of the campers to make mobile recreation more comfortable and safe for decades.

VarioHeat replaces the popular Trumatic E 2400 and E 4000. It is a completely new development, is especially light and compact and allows flexible installation. The heater is suitable for vans, compact caravans and as an additional heater for larger motor homes.


LevelControl is added to the iNet System. It measures exactly how much gas is left in the cylinder and calculates how long supplies will last. The information is sent conveniently via the Truma iNet Box to the Truma App.

Alexander Wottrich took over the position of Technical CEO on 1 January 2018. This means he is heading Research & Development and Supply Chain Management. In addition, he will continue as Managing Director of the Truma Group.

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