Relax instead of pushing

The new Truma Mover smart manoeuvring systems

Jan 7, 2020

Simple installation, easy operation, precise driving quality: these are typical characteristics of the new Truma Mover smart manoeuvring systems. The new basic models score points with tried-and-tested Truma quality and round off the entry-level Mover product range.

Truma Mover smart M and A
Movers are available in manual and automatic engagement models. Mover smart M uses a lever movement from one side – effortlessly and with no cranking required. Mover smart A automatically engages on the tyres at the push of a button. The new manoeuvring assistants are suitable for single-axle caravans up to 1,800 kilograms (Mover smart M) or 2,000 kilograms (Mover smart A) respectively.

Intuitive remote control
Customers can manoeuvre their caravan with ease using the handy remote control. The operating buttons allow them to control their caravan very intuitively, sensitively and with precision. Thanks to the soft-start function, the caravan starts off without jerking, and only then is the speed increased. This also makes it easy to couple the caravan to the towing vehicle with a high degree of accuracy. As soon as the customer releases the control knobs, the caravan’s brakes are applied immediately and it comes to a stop with millimetre precision. This guarantees maximum safety.

Optimal power transmission
The two high-performance manoeuvring systems can handle inclines of 13%. The non-slip surface of the drive rollers ensures the required grip on the tyre and enables optimal powertra nsmission. The rollers are made of cast aluminium, making them very robust, low-wearing and particularly light.

Simple to retrofit
The new Truma Mover smart are easy to retrofit as they fit on all common chassis frames. No TÜV registration is required thanks to the general operating permit.

The manoeuvring systems offer an excellent price/performance ratio and the highest Truma quality. They will be available from all Truma Partners from January 2020. They offer a 5-year parts warranty for all Truma Mover.

Technical specifications and prices

Truma Mover smart M Truma Mover smart A

For single-axle caravans with a total weight of up to

1,800 kg 2,000 kg
Engagement and disengagement Manual Automatic

Max. incline of
at a total weight of

13 %

1,800 kg

13 %

2,000 kg

Power supply

12 V 12 V

Average power consumption

28 A 35 A
Maximum power consumption 100 A 125 A
Weight 33 kg 32 kg