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iNet X App Simulator

Discover the smart new world of caravanning!

With our web simulation of the Truma iNet X app you can get an impression of the intuitive user interface for status queries and the mobile control of the appliances in your camper van. 
Click through the simulation functions and discover:

  • the customizable user interface
  • intuitive menu navigation
  • how you can conveniently regulate your room appliances (heating, air conditioning and ventilation) and the warm water using + and – keys
  • how you can change the energy sources of your appliances with just one click
  • how to get an overview of your appliances
  • how to keep informed about your resources at all times — from the gas level, to the battery status, to the water supply
  • how detailed error messages about your devices are displayed in the event of malfunctions, so you can always fix them yourself as soon as possible

Important info: The web simulation only shows some of the function of the Truma iNet X App. In each menu item the simulation gives you a hint as to which fields can be clicked on. Just look for the blue flashing keys. These appear when clicking on the area in the respective menu item.

Further information on the Truma iNet X app and the associated iNet X Panel

The iNet X app is the mobile version of the Truma iNet X (Pro) Panel, the central control panel of the intelligent and future-proof system solution for Truma iNet X. It makes your daily camping more comfortable, safer and more connected. In one word: smarter.  

The practical app gives you all the functions of the Truma iNet X Panel to hand on your mobile. So you can control your room temperature via your smartphone conveniently from the comfort of a lounge chair or start heating the water directly from your bed. Now that’s smart! 

When developing it we focussed strongly on intuitive design and a high degree of user-friendliness. We have optimised both on the basis of ongoing user feedback. The system can be updated so it can be expanded to new appliances and services in the future.