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Why is my water hot although I set the control panel to just space heating?

In the setting “Heating without water temperature monitoring” the water in the Trumatic C is also heated automatically when the boiler is full. The water temperature then depends on the heat output and the time taken to reach the set room temperature.

1 Control panel
2 Gas connection
3 Solenoid valve
4 Combined combustion air/exhaust cowl
5 Combustion air fan
6 Gas burner
7 Ignition electrode
8 Combustion chamber
9 Flame tube with baffle
10 Combustion air fan
11 Heat exchanger
12 Electric heating elements
13 Four warm air outlets
14 Stainless steel water container, 10 litres
15 Hot water connection pipe
16 Cold water connection pipe
17 Room temperature sensor
18 HDF thermal jacket