What functions does the Truma App have?

The free Truma App provides practical tools to help you when you are travelling:

– In combination with the Truma iNet Box, control iNet-capable Truma appliances remotely via your smartphone or tablet.
– With Truma sun alignment, you see immediately where and when the sun is at its highest and at what time the sun rises and sets.
– Vehicle levelling helps you align the vehicle horizontally.
– With the App you can quickly access all operating instructions, tips and how-to videos from Truma. The instructions in the App can also be used offline.
– With dealer search you can immediately find the nearest Truma dealership or Truma Service Partner.
– News keeps you up to date with what’s happening at Truma.
– Truma LevelControl uses ultrasound to measure quickly and accurately how much gas there is in the cylinder.