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What could the problem be that Truma appliances cannot be controlled via the Truma iNet Box?

It is possible that the Truma iNet Box is not initialised correctly. Check whether the iNet Box is ready for operation:

Check whether the Truma appliances are connected correctly and are ready for operation.
Restart the Truma iNet Box. To do this, disconnect the supply voltage for about ten seconds.
Check that the mini SIM card you are using works. It is possible that your provider has blocked the SIM card.
Check the PIN in the set-up wizard of the Truma App.
Check whether the aerial switch “int.” / “ext.” is at the correct position.
Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled and connected on the mobile device and that the battery of the mobile device is charged.
Make sure that you are within Bluetooth range and that the connection was established successfully.
Set up the Bluetooth connection again.