The red warning triangle symbol (LED 3) of the Truma Mover remote control flashes four times – what does that mean?

If you hear an acoustic signal four times and the red warning triangle (LED 3) also flashes when the remote control is switched on, the cause may be the batteries, the battery voltage or the remote control.

Proceed as follows to find the fault:

1. Check that the rotary and slide switches are in the neutral position.
2. Check the batteries of the remote control (voltage) and replace if necessary: the battery voltage in the remote control must be greater/equal 3.6 V (3 x 1.5 V AAA batteries). If you are using rechargeable batteries, remember that because of the low battery voltage (3 x 1.2 V) the remote control is operated directly at its limit and you have to replace or recharge the batteries very often.
3. Check the battery quality: use only high quality, leakproof, steel covered batteries. Cheap batteries with a simple aluminium cover are not absolutely leakproof and can cause malfunctions in the remote control.
4. Check the software version: the fault could also lie with the remote control with software version 1. You can see the software version (HW1 or HW2) on the sticker above the batteries. If it is version HW1 or if the above measures did not resolve the problem, contact our service team.