Parts waranty for air conditioning systems and Mover from the manufacturer Truma

Warrantor and warranty period

In connection with the manufacturer’s warranty of two years, the Truma Partner grants a parts warranty to air conditioning systems and Mover from Truma (“the product”) for an additional three years, so for years 3, 4 and 5 from the date of purchase, under the following conditions.

The warrantor is the Truma Partner, from whom the respective product was acquired and professionally installed.

If repair work is undertaken within the scope of the warranty, the warranty period with regard to the repaired or replaced parts does not re-commence, but the original warranty period continues.

Warranty requirements and extent of the warranty

The parts warranty applies to product defects, which can be attributed to material or production faults.

A claim can only be made in relation to this part warranty upon submission of this certificate, the original receipt and specification of the serial number for the product, for which this warranty claim shall be lodged.

Spare parts costs are covered by this warranty. Costs are not covered for installation and removal, dismantling of furniture or body parts as well as transport and road costs, travel expense or other costs, which are not spare parts costs.

The Truma Partner shall decide on the type of repair.

Replaced (spare) parts shall become the property of the warrantor.


The warranty does not provide cover:

in the case of improper, unsuitable, incorrect, negligent or unintended use of the product

in the case of improper installation, assembly or commissioning not in compliance with

the instructions for use and installation instructions

in the case of improper operation or handling not in compliance with the instructions for

use and installation instructions, in particular in the case of failure to observe

maintenance, care and warning instructions

if installations, repairs or intervention work are not executed by authorised partners

for consumables, wear parts and in the case of natural wear and tear

if the product is provided with spare, supplementary or accessory parts, which are not

original parts of the manufacturer or parts approved by the manufacturer

in the case of damage caused by foreign bodies (e.g. oils, diluent in gas), chemical or elec-

trochemical influences in the water or if the product otherwise comes into contact with unsuitable substances (e.g. chemical products, flammable materials, unsuitable cleaning agents)

in the case of damage caused by abnormal environmental or unsuitable operating condi- tions

in the case of damage caused by force majeure or natural catastrophes, as well as other influences, for which the manufacturer is not accountable

in the case of damage, which can be attributed to improper transport

in the case of changes to the appliance, including to spare, supplementary or accessory

parts and their installation, in particular changes to the exhaust gas system or to the cowl by the end customer or third parties.


Further claims, in particular claims for damages by the end customer or a third party are ex- cluded.

Contractual or legal claims of the end customer against the Truma Partner, such as warranty claims or claims for damages are not affected by this parts warranty.

The provisions of the Product Liability Act remain unaffected by this.