I cannot pair my Truma iNet Box – what can I do?

Please check the following in this order:

1. Is the green LED on the Truma iNet Box lit or flashing? If not, you have to switch the iNet Box on.
2. Is Bluetooth enabled on your smartphone? If not, enable Bluetooth.
3. Remove old iNet Box pairings from the smartphone. To do this, in Settings, select Bluetooth and select the paired devices.
4. Is the blue LED on the Truma iNet Box lit? Another smartphone could be enabled. Close the Truma App on the enabled smartphone so that the blue LED goes out.
5. Have you selected menu item 1.1. Set-up in the Truma App? If not, select the menu item.
6. Close the Truma App and restart it.
7. Reset the Truma iNet Box by holding the button depressed for at least 20 seconds.