How does the Truma S heater work?

The heater is supplied with gas via a special connection (1). It is ignited by a battery-operated auto ignitor (2) in the burner (3). You can see through the inspection glass (4) if the gas has ignited. External air is sucked into the heater through an inlet (5) and is heated by the naked flame in the burner (3). The hot air flows through the S-shaped heat exchanger (6) and exits the system to the atmosphere together with the combustion air through the exhaust duct (7) and the roof cowl (8). This process is 100% safe thanks to the completely enclosed system and the thermoelectric safety pilot. The heat exchanger (6) heats the direct ambient air in the heater housing. It exits through the holes in the cover into the living area and, if necessary, is distributed in the caravan by the fan (14).

The temperature of the heater is infinitely adjustable with the manual knob on the control panel (9). This activates the safety pilot valve (12) via the control panel rod (11). When the required room temperature is reached, a thermostat sensor (13) regulates the gas supply to the burner and reduces it accordingly. The fan is controlled via a second control knob (10).

The Ultraheat additional electric heater (15) is the perfect supplement for everyone who wants additional electric heat and to get the RV nice and warm quickly independently of the gas supply. It heats very quickly and uses the fan of the S heater to distribute the warm air efficiently throughout the caravan.

1 Connection for gas supply
2 Auto ignitor
3 Burner with ignition electrode
4 Inspection glass for flame control
5 Combustion air inlet
6 Heat exchanger
7 Exhaust duct
8 Roof cowl
9 Fan control knob
10 Heater control knob
11 Control panel rod
12 Safety pilot valve
13 Thermostat sensor
14 Fan
15 Ultraheat