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How do I empty the Truma Therme properly?

If you are not using the vehicle, you should always drain the Therme in frosty conditions.

To prevent frost damage to the Therme, we advise the following:

The caravan should be horizontal while the water is being drained.
First, disconnect the power to the water pump (main switch or transformer).
Drain the water from the tank or remove the water pump from the tank.
Open the taps in the kitchen and bathroom and, if present, set the premixer valves to warm.
Completely open the drain and aeration valves and pull them out.
Check that all the water has drained (5 litres). Our tip: this is best done with a 5-litre bucket or a container with a scale. Depending on the size of the caravan, this volume may be greater because of the water in the hoses in the vehicle.
You can also drain remaining water from the appliance by blowing into the open tap – at the warm setting.
Remember that we do not accept warranty claims for frost damage.

With the hose clips SC (part no. 40711-00) you can clip the water hoses to the warm air ducts to protect them against frost damage. The hose clips are simply clipped beneath the warm air duct clamps.