How can I prevent the Truma LevelCheck measuring incorrectly?

To ensure reliable measurement, we advise that you clean the measuring head of LevelCheck regularly with a damp cloth without cleaning agent. A dirty measuring head can cause incorrect measurements. Dust particles especially adhere to aluminium cylinders; this greatly disrupts the measurement process. Dirty or rusty gas cylinders tend to be more difficult to measure accurately.

Adverse effects also arise from:

– a non-visible rust patch inside the gas cylinder
– a very thick coat of paint outside the gas cylinder
– stickers on the outside of the gas cylinder
– (frozen) condensation on the outside of the gas cylinder
– damage to the gas cylinder, such as dents or scrapes

If the Truma LevelCheck does not show a result, clean the measuring head and measure at a different place on the gas cylinder. This usually produces the desired result.