Does the Truma Therme need to be sterilised and descaled?

The Truma Therme should be regularly sterilised and descaled. Any standard cleaning products stocked by specialist camping retailers can be used for cleaning, sterilisation and maintenance. It is important that products are used according to manufacturer specifications in the correct dosage and with the correct exposure time.

You can also regularly heat the water in the Therme to 60°C to prevent the growth of microorganisms. To do this, switch the appliance on, leave it switched on for at least
50 minutes, and do not use any hot water during this time.

You can use standard descaling products from specialist camping retailers, acetic acid or citric acid to descale the Therme.

Add the cleaning or descaling products in the recommended mixing ratio to the appliance via the water intake and allow them to work. Then flush the Truma Therme as part of your water system thoroughly with fresh water.