After installation or replacement, oil leaks from the gearbox unit of the Truma Mover – why?

If you see an oil leak in the transmission when you install your Truma Mover or replace the gearbox unit, this is not a defect. The oil leak is due to transport or assembly and you can simply wipe the leaked lubricant off with a cloth.

The reason for the oil leak is that Mover gearboxes are sometimes rotated several times during assembly, transportation and installation beneath the caravans, meaning that the lubricant, which has a honey-like consistency, distributes itself over the inside of the gearbox. A small quantity of the lubricant sticks to the sides and runs down to the bottom of the inner gearbox into a lubricant reservoir extremely slowly after the Mover has been installed. This can take weeks or even months, depending on the temperature. During this time, small quantities of lubricant can reach the bearings from the inside, from where it can escape – in spite of the fact that these are top quality, sealed bearings.

After the Mover has been installed, a lubricant reservoir forms at the bottom of the gearbox housing that provides the Mover gearbox with lifetime, maintenance-free lubrication. Due to the fact that the surface of the lubricant reservoir is below the bearings the lubricant cannot drain from the gearbox, nor can large quantities of grease escape.

The quantity of lubricant that can escape from the bearings due to the circumstances that have been described is negligible compared to the total quantity of lubricant in the gearbox, which is considerably greater, and therefore does not affect the service life of the gearbox. The quality of the Mover is not affected.