Truma S 5004

Truma S 5004 heater

Powerful, reliable caravan heater

  • Can be operated without power supply while driving

  • The flat cover saves space

  • Precise temperature setting and infinitely adjustable fan speed

  • Pleasant radiated warmth for the ideal indoor climate

  • Simply adjust the Truma S 5004 heater on the ergonomically shaped control unit

More details about Truma S 5004

Truma S 5004 heaters are absolutely reliable and very powerful: with two burners and heat exchangers, they provide pleasant warmth in all seasons. The practical control knobs allow you to set the precise fan speed and temperature. You can achieve an average room temperature of about 22 °C without the fan – for optimum heat distribution, we recommend that you run the caravan heater with fan. This also stops the air condensing on cold surfaces. The booster function distributes the warm air very quickly and also dehumidifies your caravan.

The design is timelessly modern: with its flat cover the caravan heater blends perfectly into any interior. The S 5004 is approved for installation in caravans.

  • Faster heat distribution and dehumidification with the booster function
  • Efficient, robust and low maintenance
  • Many different design options, such as the flame-effect front case with flame acoustics
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Ultraheat Additional electric heater to heat caravans faster in any weather. Is installed in the installation box of the S heater and can be operated alone or together with the S heater.