Compliance at Truma

Code of conduct and whistleblower system

As an international family company with more than seventy years under its belt, the success of our business is based on transparency, integrity and compliance.

We continuously strive to ensure that applicable laws, standards and ethical principles are observed in order to meet our social responsibility towards our employees, business partners and society.

In our Code of Conduct we have laid down the principles of conduct which are used across all our business activities. When it comes to implementing compliance, it is essential that all applicable laws, standards, internal directives and ethical values are observed.

We place special emphasis on continually further developing our Compliance Management.

With this in mind, close cooperation with our colleagues and external business partners is crucial. The Whistleblower Tool gives everyone the opportunity to notify us of possible grievances or misconduct. This allows us to detect and address problems at an early stage. Compliance is a key pillar when it comes to ensuring the future success of the business. Help us to continuously implement this process.