Enjoy hot water wherever you go

Heat 14 litres of water in gas mode without a power supply or with the additional electric heating element.

Very compact, requires little installation space
Stronger heating element 1415 W (240 V) for shorter heating and reheating times
Improved corrosion resistance due to the heating element and the water tank
Extended warranty period of 24 months
AGA certified product

Technical Details

Energy sources
LPG (Propane)
Power supply
12 V DC + 230 V ~ / 240 V ~
Output of electric heating element
1415 W
Gas output
1200 W
Power consumption (at 12 V)
Ignition: 0.16 A Heating: 0.12 A Stand-by: 0.05 A
Power consumption (at 230 V)
5.7 A / 5.9 A
Water capacity
14 litres
Heating time
from approx. 20 °C to approx. 65 °C: approx. 45 min. (gas mode) approx. 40 min. (electric mode) approx. 28 min. (mixed mode)
Pump pressure
max. 400 kPa
System pressure
max. 500 kPa
Gas consumption
96 g/h
approx. 8.1 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H)
360 x 383 x 324 mm

More details about the Truma UltraRapid hot water system

In the Truma UltraRapid hot water system a powerful gas burner heats the water in your RV within a short time. The hot water system has excellent insulation to ensure that almost no heat is lost. If the water temperature drops, the electronics in UltraRapid reignite automatically. Set your desired water temperature conveniently on the control unit.

UltraRapid Gas runs independently of a power supply.
UltraRapid Gas / Electric has an additional electric heating element. In mixed mode, the water heats faster.

When the water is hot, you can take a long shower with ample time to soap yourself. When the Truma UltraRapid Gas water heater is running, water is continuously reheated while you’re showering. This means that a second person can shower immediately afterwards.

  • Only JG connections for easier and faster installation
  • Safety ensured with electronic control components and overpressure valve
  • Straight water connections for easy, faster assembly of elbow fittings
  • All pressure or immersion pumps up to 2.8 bar can be used to operate the hot water system