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Aventa comfort

Roof air conditioning system with integrated heat pump

The Aventa comfort quickly cools your vehicle to a pleasant temperature. The air is then simultaneously purified and dehumidified, so that a pleasant room climate prevails, even with small temperature differences. But this powerful air conditioning system offers you more: it also serves as a heater.

Pleasant refreshment in no time
Heating function possible
Ambient lighting also works without air-conditioning mode
Very efficient in cooling and heating mode
In the event of a warranty claim, you will receive a replacement unit within a short time
5-year parts guarantee when retrofitted by an authorised Truma dealer
Now also available in black

Technical Details

Voltage supply
230 V – 240 V ~. 50 Hz
Refresh current consumption
4.2 A
Heating current consumption
3.7 A
starting current
28 A (150 ms)
Refresh power
2400 W
heating power
1700 W
Range of use
+4 °C à +40 °C
Weight (without mounting hardware)
approx. 33kg
External dimensions (L x W x H)
1008 x 660 x 248 mm
Internal dimensions (L x W x H)
670 x 523 x 46 mm
Roof cutout dimensions (L x W)
380 x 350 mm / 400 x 400 mm
Air volume flow
max. 400 m³/h
Maximum slope during operation


Stay cool on hot days: The Aventa comfort cools so quickly

Save space in your van by installing an Aventa air-conditioning system in your roof, having a stylish flat design inside the vehicle ensures maximum space in your van.

Aventa comfort cools your vehicle to its desired temperature very efficiently. The air is also cleaned and dehumidified to ensure a pleasant environment in your van. But the powerful roof-mounted air conditioning system can do even more: it can also be used as a heater. Whilst also being very energy efficient.

From a technical aspect, all Aventa air conditioning systems are optimised so that they run especially quietly. Cool air flows throughout the entire vehicle via the air distributor. To set the ideal air flow, adjust the four air outlets to the desired level. The air distributor also has an integrated dimmable mood lighting feature.

A specialist workshop can install the Aventa comfort air conditioning system in place of a skylight. As the inside air distributor is very flat, it hardly obstructs free movement inside the vehicle.

The Aventa comfort scores with this

Adjust the room temperature either by remote control or on the digital CP plus control panel. This is available from your authorised Truma dealership. In combination with a Truma Combi heater, you can even have automatic climate control. The heater and air conditioner are then controlled automatically until the desired temperature is reached.

  • Use the timer to set the desired running time
  • Select the room temperature in one degree increments
  • Four operating modes (cooling, heating, automatic, air circulation) and three fan speeds
  • Mood lighting works also without air conditioning

A specialist workshop can install the Aventa comfort air conditioning system in place of a skylight. As the inside air distributor is very flat, it hardly obstructs free movement inside the vehicle.

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  • Why does a Truma air conditioning system not have the same cooling output as a car air conditioning system?


    In many cases, air conditioning systems are used in cars for just 20 to 30 minutes. A comfortable temperature of about 23 °C should be reached within a very short time. Because cars often have dark colours inside and outside and angled windows, such as the windscreen, they heat up very quickly. This is why car air conditioning systems are equipped with a high cooling output (6 to 8 kW). They are much more powerful, as the compressor of the air conditioning system is driven by the car’s engine. This explains why the engine loses power when the air conditioning system is switched on in the car.

    On the other hand, RVs are often used for several hours. The air conditioning system is also used over a long period (while driving or at the camp site). Light external colours and steep windows reduce heating of the vehicle compared to cars. The cooling output of air conditioning systems in RVs is generally much lower, as they are electrically operated and the power supply is limited. This is why a high level of energy efficiency, which ensures optimum cooling output with low power consumption, is essential.

    Our air conditioning system can produce a maximum temperature difference of 10°C under optimum conditions, such as when the vehicle is in shadow, is darkened, windows and skylights are closed and humidity is low.

  • How do I cool my caravan or motor home especially effectively?

    You can keep a cool head at any temperature by following the tips:

    • Before starting the system, check that the camp site has adequate fuses (min. 4 A).
    • Position your vehicle in shade if possible.
    • Closing blinds reduces heat radiation.
    • Clean your roof at regular intervals – dirty roofs are hotter roofs.
    • Ventilate the vehicle properly before starting the appliance in order to remove accumulated warm air from the vehicle.
    • To obtain a healthy indoor climate, the difference between inside and outside temperatures should not be too large.
    • During operation, the circulated air is cleaned and dehumidified. Dehumidifying moist air creates a pleasant indoor climate even if the temperature differences are not great.
    • When cooling, close all doors and windows so that no condensation forms on the air distributor.
  • Parts waranty for air conditioning systems and Mover from the manufacturer Truma


    Warrantor and warranty period

    In connection with the manufacturer’s warranty of two years, the Truma Partner grants a parts warranty to air conditioning systems and Mover from Truma (“the product”) for an additional three years, so for years 3, 4 and 5 from the date of purchase, under the following conditions.

    The warrantor is the Truma Partner, from whom the respective product was acquired and professionally installed.

    If repair work is undertaken within the scope of the warranty, the warranty period with regard to the repaired or replaced parts does not re-commence, but the original warranty period continues.

    Warranty requirements and extent of the warranty

    The parts warranty applies to product defects, which can be attributed to material or production faults.

    A claim can only be made in relation to this part warranty upon submission of this certificate, the original receipt and specification of the serial number for the product, for which this warranty claim shall be lodged.

    Spare parts costs are covered by this warranty. Costs are not covered for installation and removal, dismantling of furniture or body parts as well as transport and road costs, travel expense or other costs, which are not spare parts costs.

    The Truma Partner shall decide on the type of repair.

    Replaced (spare) parts shall become the property of the warrantor.


    The warranty does not provide cover:

    1. in the case of improper, unsuitable, incorrect, negligent or unintended use of the product
    2. in the case of improper installation, assembly or commissioning not in compliance with the instructions for use and installation instructions
    3. in the case of improper operation or handling not in compliance with the instructions for use and installation instructions, in particular in the case of failure to observe maintenance, care and warning instructions
    4. if installations, repairs or intervention work are not executed by authorised partners
    5. for consumables, wear parts and in the case of natural wear and tear
    6. if the product is provided with spare, supplementary or accessory parts, which are not original parts of the manufacturer or parts approved by the manufacturer
    7. in the case of damage caused by foreign bodies (e.g. oils, diluent in gas), chemical or electrochemical influences in the water or if the product otherwise comes into contact with unsuitable substances (e.g. chemical products, flammable materials, unsuitable cleaning agents)
    8. in the case of damage caused by abnormal environmental or unsuitable operating conditions
    9. in the case of damage caused by force majeure or natural catastrophes, as well as other influences, for which the manufacturer is not accountable
    10. in the case of damage, which can be attributed to improper transport
    11. in the case of changes to the appliance, including to spare, supplementary or accessory parts and their installation, in particular changes to the exhaust gas system or to the cowl by the end customer or third parties.


    Further claims, in particular claims for damages by the end customer or a third party are ex- cluded.

    Contractual or legal claims of the end customer against the Truma Partner, such as warranty claims or claims for damages are not affected by this parts warranty.

    The provisions of the Product Liability Act remain unaffected by this.