Truma Ultraflow Range

Ultraflow filter housing conversion kit

Truma Ultraflow Range

Ultraflow Replacement Filter: Ensures effective water filtration for your vehicle

The Ultraflow Replacement Filter is for use with the Ultraflow Filter Housing and older Crystal II filter housing systems. It consists of an active carbon block that removes unpleasant smells, tastes and colours from your water supply

  • Mainly for use with the Ultraflow Filter Housing; however, it is also compatible with the Crystal II Filter Housing System.
  • Put an end to unpleasant smells, tastes and colours in your water supply.
  • Make the right choice – a high quality, longer-lasting filter which is great value for money and designed to be more eco-friendly.

Ultraflow Pump Assembly: Making water transfer simple

The Ultraflow Pump Assembly is an ergonomic and simple solution that enables you to pump water into your vehicle from an external source (Aquaroll or Waterhog).

  • It connects conveniently with your Aquaroll or Waterhog
  • Compatible with both the Ultraflow Filter Housing and the Ultraflow Compact Housing.
  • Available in two lengths: 800 mm and 1000 mm
  • Part no: 46040-01 (800 mm), 46040-02 (1000 mm)

Truma Ultraflow Conversion Kit: A simple upgrade

The Ultraflow Conversion Kit allows you to convert your existing filter or compact housing system without having to replace your pump assembly.

  • A more cost effective and practical solution for those who want a reliable replacement for their Crystal system or an alternative system.
  • Now you can convert your existing filter or compact housing without having to replace your pump.
  • Available in white.
  • Part no: 46010-03

Truma Ultraflow Outdoor Shower System: Leave dirt at the door

Fed up with dirty boots in your vehicle or taking your dog miles away for a wash? Here's the solution:

  • The Ultraflow Outdoor Shower provides an outside water supply that runs from your existing water supply.
  • Ideal for all your outdoor washing needs.
  • Available as an immediate addition to your Ultraflow Filter Housing, can also be retrofitted.
  • Part no: 46080-01

Truma Ultraflow Compact Housing/Winter Kit: Standard housing kit

The Ultraflow Compact Housing/Winter Kit is the standard housing for a pump assembly (or Ultraflow accessory) that does not include a filtration system or accessory point.

  • A good way to introduce Ultraflow to your system if you don't already have it.
  • Included components: one Ultraflow Compact Housing, one blind cover, one set of screws, one set of instructions.
  • Available in white.
  • Part no: 46030-01

Truma Ultraflow Filter Housing: Filter water the easy way

The Ultraflow Filter Housing allows you to filter the water supplied to your vehicle from your Aquaroll or from a mains supply.

  • Features include: a pump assembly and accessory plug point, a replacement filter housing, time indicator and a protective cover.
  • Fitted by most UK manufacturers, including Bailey, Coachman, Lunar and Swift.
  • Included components: Ultraflow Filter Housing, Ultraflow Filter Block, one set of screws, one set of instructions
  • Available in white.
  • Part no: 46010-01

Truma Ultraflow Waterline: Water straight from the mains

The Truma Ultraflow Waterline avoids you having to trudge across the campsite to fill your water carrier up, instead simply connect this hose to a mains water supply:

  • 15 metre hose pipe connects the mains water supply to your Ultraflow system
  • Comes with fittings and a special pressure reducing valve
  • Part no: 46090-01

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