Energy systems

Truma SolarSets

VeGA fuel cell systemSuitable for caravansSuitable for motorhomesSuitable for utility vehiclesSuitable for caravan holiday homes

Generating electricity from liquid gas for maximum environmental protection and efficiency. The innovative VeGA fuel cell system gives you more independence and provides a constant supply of power to mobile and stationary terminals in various applications. More

Truma SolarSetsSuitable for caravansSuitable for motorhomes

Convenient and independent power supply generated from solar energy more

Text ControlSuitable for caravansSuitable for motorhomes

Activates your caravan heating and hot water system when you send a text from your own mobile phone. More

OPTIMA® YT S battery

Our maintenance-free OPTIMA® batteries are characterised by long service lives, short charging times and reliable power supply. More

TG 1000 sinus power inverterSuitable for caravansSuitable for motorhomesSuitable for boatsSuitable for utility vehicles

Converts the 12 V battery voltage into a pure 230 V sine-wave voltage so that everyday devices up to 1000 W can be used even when on the move. More

Whether you’re using it for your coffee machine or air conditioning system, cooling or heating devices, on site or even out in the wilderness - we’ll make sure a power supply is there for you. Whatever the time or place; thanks to a perfectly harmonised system we can provide reliable, optimised control for the power supply in your recreational vehicle. Now with Truma power supply there is no need to miss out on home comforts even when you’re on holiday.

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